Our Story

How we discovered Powell’s Sweet Shoppe!

By Randall and Victoria Emry

The candy magic started about a couple of years ago when our family visited my cousin Kathy’s 50’s diner in Windsor, CA. We were admiring her nostalgic décor when Kathy said, “If you think this is cool, you have to check out the Powell’s Sweet Shoppe across the green.” Wow, the candy music, the old fashioned décor, the old time candy stacked floor to ceiling, wall to wall.  We were reminded of our fondest childhood dreams!

As we checked out the store, we could only hear the words, “Remember this when we were kids” from other customers shopping the store.  Now we really knew this was home! Eventually, we would cram a few people in my airplane and fly them up to “our sweet dream” to show it off.  After a couple of 3 hour flights and tours of other Powell’s Sweet Shoppe locations up and down the coast and the one in Boulder, Colorado, we were set that this is what we wanted to do. We finally located the perfect location in Laguna Niguel. We thought that this community with the many families just like ours would highly enjoy a Powell’s Sweet Shoppe.

We had the time of our lives decorating with some of my old toys and collectables. We have a 1939 Tokheim gas pump and theatre seats from a movie theatre in Indio, Calidornia dating back from the late 1920’s, as part of the decor. My favorite is a Mid-50’s Mueller fire hydrant that was recovered from Main Street Disneyland during a renovation, and a 1956 Chevrolet Panel Truck that is used frequently for shows, parades and events. We continue to plan monthly events and parties, so stop by to see what party is happening now, because there is always a party at Powell’s!

Stop on by and say hi!

Randall and Victoria Emry

Operating Hours

Sunday through Thursday –  10:00am to 8:30pm

Friday and Saturday – 10:00am to 9:30pm